Our Organization

Our vision is to empower individuals to rethink how we live and improve their livelihood with intentionality around themselves, their community, and our collective future.

Our Short History

On March 27, a team of community members hosted a virtual online gala. What began as a group of 5 friends with one big idea to raise money for their local community, has turned into over 20 communities and 100s of Canadians collaborating to support one another. In just five days, the first Stay at Home Gala in Kelowna experienced resounding success with over $23,000 raised. More importantly, the feedback from the Kelowna community was extraordinary. Attendees reported a deep sense of connection. This enthusiasm spurred the group to expand the Stay At Home Gala events.

On May 2nd, you’re invited to join us as a host, volunteer, or gala guest.

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Stay at Home Galas will be held across the country to raise money for communities all across Canada. The team is now made up of dedicated volunteers from across the country with one collective vision; to strengthen community connections and raise funds for those impacted by COVID. The Stay at Home Gala community is borderless, and is now growing around the world.

We believe that no matter where you are, human connection, collective action and leadership is critical to our collective future.

Our Team

The first Stay at Home Gala went from idea to raising over $23,000 in just 5 days. The volunteer committee set their sights on giving back to their community. As we welcomed communities across Canada, we realized they had connected a new community: The Stay at Home Gala community. Now, a global community. And, you’re invited to join.

Stay at Home Gala - National Organizing team

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From Left to Right

Drew Vincent

As a longtime community builder, when Drew was required to return from living and studying his Masters in Germany, he knew he had to find a way to give back to his own community. As the founder of the event, Drew’s leadership has steered the Stay at Gala with intentionality and purpose from its Kelowna roots to a global model welcoming cities across the world.

Garrett Jones

The leader of our corporate outreach team, Garret is dedicated to recruiting support from national organizations who share the Stay at Home Gala values. Garret supports national and regional efforts for sponsorship and partnerships with the goal to connect organizations with the opportunity to support communities across Canada.

Samantha Williams

Likely the first person you talk to when you have a question, Samantha is our team’s talented link to community hosts. Samantha who works with partner Purppl, is dedicated to ensuring all communities have the tools they need to make their event successful.

Rudi van Heerden

Rudi is a digital marketing maven who along with his team has worked diligently to ensure that Stay at Home Gala is celebrated on all platforms. As a critical member of the marketing team, Rudi is responsible for bringing the team’s work to life.

Row 2

Allyssa Costerton-Grant

As a founding member of the Stay at Home Galas, Allyssa was drawn to the Stay at Home by its vision to connect communities during a time of need. Allyssa works to create a cohesive experience of Stay at Home Galas, from community host to national platform, by managing its marketing and communications.

Katie Krebs

As a founding member of the Stay at Home Galas, Katie has been involved in every piece of our events. Whether its information sessions or resource development, Katie builds and connects all the pieces of our events.

Charity Gerbrandt

Charity is the national event lead whose creative vision makes the Stay at Home Gala a reality. Working with intention, Charity applies her wealth of experience with international organizations to drive the day-of experience for Stay at Home Galas.

Justin Goodhew

Justin brings unparalleled experience in creating technology solutions to help non-profits succeed. As CEO and founder of Trellis, Justin powers the technology behind the event fundraising platforms. He is also a community connector, and works actively to help as may not-for-profits as possible join the innovative Stay at Home model.

Row 3

Amanda Heins

Our newest team member, Amanda brings her expertise as a social media and blogger extraordinaire to Stay at Home Galas. Her business Pop, Fizz, Clink supports initiatives and businesses throughout the Okanagan to bring their identity to life online.

Gene Bernier

As a founding member, Gene is our tech leader who ensures an accessible and top-notch tech experience for both organizers and attendees. Gene coordinates the show experience to ensure that events can plug and play our virtual gala model.

Looking Ahead

Galas from around the World

We are humbled by the impact of our events and thrilled at the interest from individuals and organizations around the world who want to support their communities in this time of crisis. With our resources and guidance, you can run your own Stay at Home Gala!

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