Organize Your Own Stay At Home Gala Fundraiser

Stay at Home Gala Fundraising Events are organized by volunteers from the local community. They lack any commercial, religious or political agenda as they are community-driven with bias-free content. The goal is to spark conversation, connection and unity while generating funds for local communities in need.

Regional, National & Global Events

You can host a Stay At Home Gala Fundraiser anytime, take our resource guide, structures, and run! We also organize Regional, National and Global events that communities can join into and add their own local content.

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Information webinars are open to everyone interested in hosting their own Stay at Home Gala Fundraisers. Join us to learn about:

  • How the Gala works
  • Community involvement opportunities
  • The Resource Guide – templates, tips, and tools for running a successful Gala in your community
  • And to get answers to your questions
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Want to host a Stay at Home Gala fundraiser in your local community?

Register and join our community list and we will help get your gala up and running. We’ll let you know if there are any regional or national galas scheduled to help spearhead your event.

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Want to organize a regional or national Stay at Home Gala event?

Join an upcoming webinar with one of our virtual event fundraising specialists as we discuss topics such as promoting your event, finding talent, setting up the event technology, and more.

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What a Stay at Home Gala Fundraising Event is NOT

  • A Stay at Home Gala Fundraising Event isn’t an industry or marketing conference. It isn’t limited to one topic or field. It isn’t used to sell something.
  • A Stay at Home Gala Fundraising Event is not organized by or for special-interest political, religious or commercial groups.
  • A Stay at Home Gala Fundraising Event cannot be used to raise money outside of registered charities.
  • A Stay at Home Gala Fundraising Event cannot partner with another conference or event.
  • A Stay at Home Gala Fundraising Event can’t be co-branded with an institution except under specific license types – for a college or university, or for internal events (for corporations and organizations).

What you need when applying for an event

Your Responsibilities

These Galas takes time, and effort; each member should expect a few hours a day consistently for short team meetings and putting the word out. Every hour spent will yield more money raised. Minimum requirement would be 10 hours a week per person, that varies per role.

The Basics

Before you organize a Stay At Home Gala event, you must obtain a license from Stay At Home Gala. We have made this as simple as possible for you, to let you focus on the important part, but this process is to make sure you are set up for success.

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No, this event does not cost you to run. There is no cost for the event, there are opportunities to expand the event and incur costs, but these are not needed. Stay At Home Gala, its partners and affiliates will never reimburse any costs back to communities, each event must be self-sufficient financially.


Of course. We provide you the basics and guidelines, certain elements must be followed, but there is room to grow this and be creative.


Reaching out to people in your network and community is a huge part of the champion role. The good news is that we will provide templates of emails and help on what to say to potential speakers, and sponsors, and will provide a full sponsorship package to send as well.


In just 5 days the Stay At Home Gala committee in Kelowna, BC raised just over $23,000!! The amount will depend on your action and committee but the vision is for every community to raise between $10k – $100k (depending on market size).

Rally for your Community

Stay at Home Galas around the world

Live events are being set up around the world for local tickets and donations to support your community during this time of crisis.

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