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And this is where you come in! The goal is to raise a combined $1,000,000 across the country, all of it going back to those local communities and charities in need, through the Community Foundations of Canada.

We are looking for community organizers to bring this amazing event to their community, and the good news is, we’ve made it really easy!

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The Champions Map

The Champions map presents the cities that have hosted local galas to put their communities on the forefront of this call to action. Don’t see your city on the map? Don’t worry! You can host a Stay At Home Gala anywhere; small or large!

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We’ve got your back

Everything you need to run a successful event

For the community hosts we have put together an entire package with every single detail needed, all you need to do is adjust it for local use.

This package includes:

  • The fundraising platform, customizable for their city and ready to launch
  • A full marketing plan including images and branding, sample social media posts and schedule
  • A complete sponsorship package
  • A full, pre-loaded project management system, to allow you and your team to easily track what needs to happen and when
  • Videos with comprehensive walk throughs and tutorials for each step of the process run of show plan, zoom support and much more
  • Daily support webinars to assist in any questions you have, direct and live with our team
  • Connections to any sponsors who have already expressed interest in your community

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the time commitment like?

Of course this event will require time and attention, the better your team and the more time you have the better it will be. Over the 2 weeks, Each member should expect a few hours a day consistently, this is short team meetings, and putting the word out. Every hour spent will yield more money raised. Minimum requirement would be 10 hours a week per person, that varies per role.

Does this Cost me anything?

No, this event does not cost you to run. There is no cost for the event, there are opportunities to expand the event and incur costs, but these are not needed.

Is there room to be creative?

Of course. We provide you the basics and guidelines, certain elements must be followed, but there is room to grow this and be creative.

How many people are needed to run this event?

We recommend a committee with 2-5 active members.

Will I have to collect money? How will expenses be handled?

Community foundations of Canada will be directly receiving any and all money from event proceeds and disbursing accordingly.The event can be run without any expenses, we do encourage you to pay local professional entertainers as they are also impacted. All expenses must go through your sponsors directly, paid by them, or pre-arranged to reimburse yourself. The remaining sponsorship going to the foundation. The foundation and Stay at Home Gala will not reimburse any costs.

How will I find speakers? How will I find sponsors?

Reaching out to people in your network and community is a huge part of the champion role. The good news is that we will provide templates of emails and help on what to say to potential speakers, and sponsors, and will provide a full sponsorship package to send as well.

How many people are needed to run this event?

  • Event Chair – This person recruits and organizes the team, they can also occupy another role on the team.
  • Sponsorship – Send sponsor package to the community businesses interested.
  • Marketing – Take existing materials and send out via own channels.
  • Speaker Recruitment – Work with existing schedule to find entertainers and speakers to provide the evening.
  • Day of Event Manager – Work within developed schedule, help test and confirm all speakers are prepared, technology is set up.
  • Communications – Manage internal and external channels.

What are the roles and responsibilities?

The roles are broken down into two areas. Revenue and operations.
Revenue – Includes Sponsorship, Marketing, and the Silent Auction.
Operations – Includes Day of event management, Recruiting speakers and organizing the food portion of the evening.

This can be managed by 2 people or split up into up to four people. All materials and emails are pre-written for you. We encourage you to find great leaders for each role, as team work makes dream work.

How much can I raise for my community?

In just 5 days the Stay At Home Gala committee in Kelowna, BC raised $22,000!! The amount will depend on your action and committee but the vision is for every community to raise between $10k – $100k (depending on market size).

Community Hosts

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If you’re interested in hosting a Stay At Home Gala in your community, register here for a webinar with one of our team leads.

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