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We are an impact-focused innovation team on a mission to help fundraising organizations pivot and thrive in the “new normal” imposed by COVID-19 and beyond.

Our History

What began as five friends with a passion to raise money for their local community, has turned into an innovative fundraising model that has positively impacted over 22 communities across the nation, enlisted hundreds of volunteers, and raised over half a million dollars for local charities.

The first Stay at Home Gala, hosted in Kelowna, BC, saw incredible success by raising over $23,000 in just five days. More importantly, the feedback from the Kelowna community was extraordinary. Attendees reported a deep sense of connection, and this enthusiasm spurred the team to expand the Stay At Home Gala events.

May 02 Canadian National Event

On May 2, Stay at Home Galas raised more than $560,000 across Canada as 22 communities and over 2,100 households participated in local and nationally broadcasted events.

The Stay at Home Gala community is now growing around the world! We will help you launch an innovative event, or you can join us as a community host, volunteer, or gala guest to make a lasting impact on your community.

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Looking Ahead

Galas from around the World

We are humbled by the impact of our events and thrilled at the interest from individuals and organizations around the world who want to support their communities in this time of crisis. With our resources and guidance, you can run your own Stay at Home Gala!

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